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Welcome to All Critter Sitter!

We are a professional pet sitting company servicing: McKinney, Allen, Frisco, North Plano, Fairview, Lucas, and Prosper, Texas. We care for dogs, cats, horses, exotics, hamsters, birds... any critter!   Meet our talented team of professional sitters.
The All Critter Sitter team!

Special needs pets?

No Problem! Our sitters have experience with special needs animals and can administer injections, fluids, pills, and any additional requests you have for caring for your family's pets.


What makes All Critter Sitter unique to your needs?

You're the most important part of your pet's care plan. You know your pet better than anyone, so we work with you to create a care plan to fit your pet's lifestyle! Pets are happier when they are safe and secure at home, in their own environment, and I know that you, the pet owner, feel relaxed knowing that your pet is taken care by a loving, responsible, experienced pet-sitter.

We'll walk your dog, let them out for potty-breaks, keep your new puppy on schedule, play with your cats, scoop the litter-box, play with your bird, feed your fish, and even check on your home to give it that 'lived in look' by rotating lights, bringing in mail, watering plants while you're on vacation or away for work!


Insured and Bonded

Worry Free Pet Care North Texas

Be Confident & Worry-free

You've expended love and time building your relationship with your pet. It's natural that you don't want to upset your pal by extended or sporadic working and travel hours. Relax! You're not a bad pet-parent! And you're not alone! Most pet-lovers are worried about their pets when they're gone. The good news is you absolutely can maintain your love affair with your pet.

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Reliable Pet Care North Texas

FAQ's for Reliable Pet Care

Because you can't be in two places at one time, it's crucial that you find a reliable care-giver for your pet during your absence. Hiring a professional Pet-Service guarantees you peace-of-mind. All Critter Pet Sitter works hard to ensure that your business day or travel is worry and guilt free.

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